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«During the twelve months that my daughter has been attending A to G Music School, she has enjoyed excellent tutoring. Her technique, knowledge and enjoyment of lessons have all benefitt?d from the teacher’s attention to detail, wide knowledge and cheery demeanour. My daughter has enjoyed the last twelve months immensely and is very much looking forward to continuing her lessons with the School in the future.»

? I. Merry (Parent)

«I have thoroughly enjoyed the past year learПing the piano at A to G. It is something I had been promising myself I would do for ages but never got around to. My tutor is a great teacher, so enthusiastic and patient. My only regret is I didn’t start earlier!»

Sue (Adult Student)

«I have recently finished 1 year being tutored on piano at A to G Music School. In that year I have advanced quicker than I thought possible, mainly due my tutor’s patience and enthusiasm for the music we select. We play a lot of songs from artists I enjoy listeПing to and her ability to translate them to piano, at a level comfortable for me to play, is fantastic. This keeps me interested and each lesson is great fun. I look forward to seeing what we can achieve in my second year.»

Mike (Adult Student)

«My flute teacher is wonderfully patient and inspiring. She has excellent teaching skills and has helped me to improve my playing and timing through constant encouragement and using a variety of well thought out pieces. I would certainly recommend her to anyone wanting to learn or improve their flute playing!»

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Jules (Adult Student)

Lesson with her are fun, she changes them slightly from week to week so there is no chance to get bored. Because I want to learn more about music, we spend some time learПing more about the notes and the way they are written. I usually sing a song of my choosing, with my teacher providing corrections and pointers to improve my renditions. I can recommend her as a fun, thoughtful, enthusiastic and efficient teacher. «

?Kathleen (Adult Student)

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