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London XI

The London XI was an association football representative team, specially created to take part in the 1955-58 edition of the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup. the precursor of today’s UEFA Cup .

The competition was created on April 18. 1955, and the first tournament took three years to complete. The entrants were the major football team of each city which held a Trade Fair. Like many cities taking part, London had several strong teams; however rules stated that there could only be a single team from each city [ [,13854,1496157,00.html Are Liverpool the worst European champions ever? | Special Reports | Guardian Unlimited Football ] ]. It was decided to create a team especially for the tournament, using the best players from each London-based club. Membership of the team varied considerably between matches.

The London XI, managed by Chelsea chairman Joe Mears. reached the final of the cup, after coming top of a group that included special XI teams from Basel and Frankfurt. and then beating Lausanne Sports. London lost 8-2 on aggregate over two legs to CF Barcelona .

The London XI only competed in the 1955-58 tournament, all future Inter-Cities Fairs Cups involving a London team were contested by individual clubs from London instead.

Teams and match details

; Basel XI 0-5 London XI – June 4. 1955 «Team:» Ron Reynolds (Tot), Peter Sillett (Che), Jim Fotheringham (Ars), Stan Willemse (Che), Ken Armstrong (Che), Derek Saunders (Che), Harry Hooper (Wes), Johnny Haynes (Ful), Cliff Holton (Ars), Eddie Firmani (Cha), Billy Kiernan (Cha).

«Substitute:» Brian Nicholas (QPR), on for Saunders 37′.

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«Scorers:» Firmani 33′, Holton 37′, 43′, 74′, Hooper 81′.

;London XI 3-2 Frankfurt XI – October 26. 1955 at Wembley Stadium «Team:» Ted Ditchburn (Tot), Peter Sillett (Che), Stan Willemse (Che), Danny Blanchflower (Tot), Charlie Hurley (Mil), Cyril Hammond (Cha), Vic Groves (Ley), Bobby Robson (Ful), Bedford Jezzard (Ful), Roy Bentley (Che), Charlie Mitten (Ful).

«Scorers:» Jezzard 46′, 76′, Robson 60′.

;London XI 1-0 Basel XI – May 4. 1956 at White Hart Lane «Team:» Jack Kelsey (Ars), Peter Sillett (Che), John Hewie (Cha), Danny Blanchflower (Tot), Stan Wicks (Che), Ken Coote (Bre), Jim Lewis (Che), Derek Tapscott (Ars), Cliff Holton (Ars), Bob Cameron (QPR), George Robb (Tot).

«Scorers:» Robb 87′.

; Frankfurt XI 1-0 London XI – March 27. 1957 «Team:» Ron Reynolds (Tot), John Bond (Wes), Peter Sillett (Che), Ken Armstrong (Che), Malcolm Allison (Wes), Tony Marchi (Tot), Terry Medwin (Tot), Stuart Leary (Cha), David Herd (Ars), Johnny Haynes (Ful), Billy Kiernan (Cha).

; Lausanne Sports 2-1 London XI – September 16. 1957 «Team:» Ted Ditchburn (Tot), Stan Charlton (Ars), Dennis Evans (Ars), Brian Nicholas (Che). Jim Fotheringham (Ars), Phil McKnight (Ley), Peter Berry (Cry), Geoff Truett (Cry), Les Stubbs (Che), Phil Woosnam (Ley), Joe Haverty (Ars).

«Scorers:» Haverty 70′.

;London XI 2-0 Lausanne Sports – October 23. 1957 at Highbury «Team:» Jack Kelsey (Ars), Stan Charlton (Ars), Peter Sillett (Che), Ken Coote (Bre), Bill Dodgin (Ars), Derek Saunders (Che), Roy Dwight (Ful), Jimmy Greaves (Che), Cliff Holton (Ars), Johnny Haynes (Ful), Billy Kiernan (Cha).

«Scorers:» Greaves 10′, Holton 76′.

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«London won 3-2 on aggregate»

;London XI 2-2 CF Barcelona – March 3. 1958 at Stamford Bridge «Team:» Jack Kelsey (Ars), Peter Sillett (Che), Jim Langley (Ful), Danny Blanchflower (Tot), Maurice Norman (Tot), Ken Coote (Bre), Vic Groves (Ars), Jimmy Greaves (Che), Bobby Smith (Tot), Johnny Haynes (Ful), George Robb (Tot).

«Scorers:» Greaves 10′, Langley (pen) 88′.

;CF Barcelona 6-0 London XI – May 1. 1958 «Team:» Jack Kelsey (Ars), George Wright (Ley), Noel Cantwell (Wes), Danny Blanchflower (Tot), Ken Brown (Wes), Dave Bowen (Ars), Terry Medwin (Tot), Vic Groves (Ars), Bobby Smith (Tot), Jimmy Bloomfield (Ars), Jim Lewis (Che)

«CF Barcelona won 8-2 on aggregate»

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