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London attractions within walking distance of each other

I used the journey planner on the TFL website. I mostly chose to go by bus because of MIL rather than dealing with the steps and escalators of the tube, but if things are close in proximity, the TFL site often lists multiple choices on how to get to the destination and sometimes the walking symbol appears and it shows you how to walk from point A to point B. or гугл maps lets you put in addresses/sites and will plot you a course. These are best uses AFTER you have a general idea from doing your own looking at a map.

You need to take into account travel time. London areas are very walkable, but the «major» attractions are pretty far apart and you will need the tube or bus at times.

Here’s a suggestion for using 2.5 days that will get you to most of the things on your list:

Get to the Tower first thing; then after a morПing there, you can walk up to St. Pauls OR across the Tower Bridge and along the SouthBank, by the Globe and then across to St. Paul’s. This is a long but doable day.

Another day start at or near Buckingham Palace then on to Westminster Abbey/Big Ben/Whitehall/(You can’t get near #10 but can walk past it)/Trafaglgar Square/NationalGallery is a long but doable day. You could include Hyde Park maybe this day.

When to fit in the British Museum? Maybe on the half day you have. It’s at LEAST 2-3 hours to just get over your jaw dropping and getting on to seeing some stuff!

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You don’t have time for all on your list, you are discovering. I’d skip Greenwich this time, and probably Harrods and Franklins’s House. You’ll be near Pic. Circus (but no big deal). You might have time to go to a play.

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