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Celebrating 20 Years of supporting Charities

through map production

A new map in the historical series dated 3rd October 1934 is available for ВЈ5 from my shop at . A new Second Edition of the 1939 bus map is also available.

The latest edition of The Greater London Bus Map dated 3rd May 2014 is available for ВЈ2 from my shop at Also available is the 2014 Greater London Night Bus Map for ВЈ4.

Digital downloads of these maps are also available to purchase from my shop.

2015 Map Update: Due to the introduction of 24 hour Underground services later this year, and consequent extensive changes to the night bus network, production of the next maps will be delayed until the Autumn. However, since the 2014 map releases there have only been relatively few significant changes to London’s bus network, the No. 35 edition and the 2014 Night Bus Map are still largely accurate.

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This site tells where you can purchase the range of London bus maps, gives you access to a paid download of the current map, and provides timetables for London Bus Routes.

On 16th July 2013 the number of visits to this site reached two million and there are currently over 2500 hits per week.

I am pleased that so many people find the maps and timetables useful, and I hope that many of you will decide to purchase a paper copy of the map, so that the website and maps can continue. Many thanks to you all.

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Mike Harris


London Travel Information is available from Transport for London by telephoПing

0343 222 1234 (24 hours).

The National Bus Traveline which covers all of the UK can be contacted on

0871 2002233.

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