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????? «The ultimate London bus app, now travelling by bus has never been easier»

? Fast, simple and intuitive to use.

? Works anywhere, including on a plane, underground and with roaming turned off.

? The only bus app with a inbuilt bus map.

? Lists every street in 450 square miles.

? Live bus countdown information (internet required).

? Now includes all of the central London Olympic 2012 venues.

? Map and routing data are all stored on the device.

? Animates the route and allows tracking of the journey using GPS.

? No waiting for an internet connection.

? Saves battery power and roaming charges.

? Streets, Places of interest etc built into the application.

? Huge list of features.


The new London bus application makes it easy to travel in and around the city by bus. Unlike old fashioned schematic style maps this product contains a geographically accurate map showing streets, parks and places of interest etc.


The map is хэнд drawn by Visual IT and provides a unique geographically based view of London bus routes covering 450 square miles so you can easily get your bearings when travelling around the city. You can also use your inbuilt GPS to accurately locate and track yourself and see the nearest transportation stop and distance to it. This is the only public transportation route planner with this ability.

Tap on the map for location information, use the inbuilt search feature or choose from a list of locations. Places of interest, museums, hotels, parks, restaurant, shops, hospitals, streets, etc, are also included. The route planner will automatically suggest the nearest stop to any place of interest you select.

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Now with the ability to place markers, routes and areas of interest directly on the map for future reference.


Another unique feature is the “Minute Map” option which allows you to see the travel times from a start point to all other locations on the map. This is a great way to view the topology of a city and gauge travelling times.


The application does not require an internet connection and will always be available to display a clear and detailed view of the bus routes, plus list and animate the optimum route for your journey. This product provides the fastest route calculations of any mobile routing application using actual published journey times with the ability to select the quickest route or the route with the least changes.


When an internet connection is available, optional «Live Information» on the current state of the transport services can be viewed allowing you to plan your journeys in advance and avoid any potential delays. Unique to this application is the ability to turn off services that are out of action and automatically calculate an alternative route.


Also included is the ability to view live bus departure (data supplied by TFL) for any of the bus stops supporting this data feed.


This map is one in a series of Zuti worldwide city maps, if you like this product you may also enjoy some of our other offerings, please visit for further information.

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