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London Christmas Markets: Getting You Into The Festive Mood

The London Christmas Markets are a sure fire way to get into the festive period. Not only is the shopping superb but the location means that when (or rather, if) you get tired of shopping there are plenty of sights to keep you occupied – the London Eye in particular is a great activity to do when it’s dark – you can see the market stools of Southbank lit up below which is quite a spectacle in itself!

I had the pleasure of attending the Southbank Christmas markets and also the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park; however, there are plenty of other markets for you to choose from as well. Whatever you want to buy, you can be pretty sure that the London Christmas markets will have it; from homemade sweet treats, to rare pendants, to handmade wooden wine bottle holders.

London Christmas Markets – Southbank

These markets are in a fabulous location – right on the Thames, next to the London Eye and opposite Big Ben and Westminster – it doesn’t get more ‘London-esque’ than this!

The fantastic location of the Southbank London Christmas Markets

At the Southbank London Christmas markets you will find plenty of unique хэнд мейд items oozing with originality:

london christmas markets

These hanging decorations were set against a black back drop – they drew quite a crowd as they were so eye-catching, every time they turned in the breeze they flashed and glittered with multiple colours:

My favourite items of the Southbank London Christmas markets, however, were these stunПing wooden items – a basket for the kitchen or diПing table and a very unique and beautifully carved wine rack – simply stunПing.

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If you are looking to get inspiration for stocking fillers then look no further; the Southbank market is full of ideas! This leather notebook in particular would make a fantastic gift for a friend heading off traveling in the New Year.

If you feel like a sweet treat as a pick-me-up then there is certainly plenty on offer here! There was fudge every flavour that you can imagine, roasted chestnuts (you can’t get much more Christmassy than that!), marshmallows, strawberries and toffee apples…

London Christmas markets – Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park

This is perhaps the most famous of all the London Christmas markets – the Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park is full of bustling stalls, food galore as well as hair raising fairground rides. One things’s for sure is that you won’t be short of things to do – I spent a whole day wandering around these markets and still didn’t feel as though I’d had enough time!

Christmas music dances out through speakers implemented all throughout the markets so you constantly feel in the Christmas mood. There are also plenty of make shift cosy bars to have a well-earnt rest with a steaming mug of mulled wine. If you’re shopping with your partner, then you can even leave him in the pub – aptly called the “husband creche!”

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