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London Court Perth

London Court is a shopping arcade located in Perth’s central business district. It was erected during the Depression period and designed in a distinctive Tudor style that gives a characteristic Old English feel. It is one of the most famous sights and tourist destinations in the central business district. London Court was built on land bought by wealthy miner Claude de Bernales, who thought of building an arcade that would allow pedestrians passage from the Plaza Arcade on the northern end to Sherwood Plaza on the southern end. This shopping arcade now links Hay Street and St Georges Terrace. The land it presently stands on used to be called Gun Alley because the site consisted of a series of alleys.

The construction of London Court started in August 1936 and was completed the following year. London Court had 55 offices, 53 shops, and 24 residential units. The total cost of construction was ?100,000. The shopping arcade’s walls were decorated with shields, gargoyles, crests, and even хэнд carvings. The floors were covered with Terracotta tiles. The middle part of London Court has two storeys, but its two ends have three storeys. The shopping arcade’s spine is unroofed, making it look like a narrow strip of road.

Wrought iron gates are positioned at the entrances to London Court. The famous clocks are found on each entrance of the shopping arcade. The clocks on both entrances chime every 15, 30, and 60 minutes. Whenever the clock on Hay Street entrance chimes, a mechanical display of four knights coming out from a castle door and appearing to joust with each other is shown. The dial of this clock shows an exact copy of Big Ben’s face originally displayed in St. Stephen’s Tower in London.

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Whenever the clock on St Georges Terrace entrance chimes, a display of St George killing the dragon is shown. The dial of this clock is a copy of La Gross Horage found in Rouen. On July 29, 1937, Sir James Mitchell, who was Lieutenant Governor, led the opeПing of London Court.

Among the notable guests during this historic occasion were Premier J C Willcock and Minister for Mines and Health S W Munsie. In the eveПing, thousands of people gathered to celebrate the opeПing and were treated to drama and musical performances. London Court was built from modern materials in spite of its Old English appearance. Concrete and steel were used in the construction of the offices, shops, and residential units. The arcade is equipped with modern facilities, including depots for laundry and dry cleaПing and for receiving parcels.

A post office within the arcade gives the tenants a lot of convenience. The arcade’s garbage collection system is also organized. At present, London Court still has shops and offices, but there are no more residential areas except for the caretaker’s residence. Although some changes have been мейд in London Court, such as changing the Terracotta-tiled floors with concrete slabs, it is still largely the same as it once was. The structure is still in very good condition.

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