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London, England

london edinburgh train time Edinburgh To London by Bus — 10+ hours (35 GBP)

Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland, is most easily accessed by train from London but can be done on a bus if you are patient. The bus service takes over 10 hours from Edinburgh to London whereas the train takes roughly half the time, if you have the budget. There are just three buses per day from Edinburgh to London but they do offer the option of an overnight service which could save you accomodation expenses. An overnight return from Edinburgh to London costs from 35 GBP but promotional fares sometimes lower this to 20 GBP return. To check the latest prices click the button below:

Megabus now operate between London and Edinburgh and have some fares as low as 1.50 GBP (including booking fee) one way if you book far enough in advance. For the latest prices and booking information please click the button below:

Edinburgh to London train — 4.15 hours (20 to 131 GBP)

If you have the money, the train from Edinburgh to London is definitely one of the preferred methods of travel on this route due to the time saving. You can catch a train from Edinburgh’s Waverley Station to London’s Kings Cross Station roughly every hour and the fastest trains can make the trip in 4 hours 13 minutes compared to over 10 hours on the bus.

If you are looking for the cheapest train ticket from London to Edinburgh it is worth taking a look at the discount rail company Megatrain which now operates between London St Pancras and Sheffield where you could take another regular train or change for a bus to Edinburgh. The best value fares are available to those that are flexible in their travel dates and times and are able to book in advance. To check the latest prices and fares click the link below

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