london france


i am travelling to europe from mumbai in july 2nd week

4 nights london

3 nights paris

2 nights luecerene

2 nights interlaken

planПing to travel by air from london to paris

euro rail pass from paris-lucerene-interlaken

is the plan good enough?

should i take 2 day hop on hop off bus pass in paris or no?

I think you might be surprised how little time you have in each city. Two nights someplace does not equal two days.

What you have is essentially:

4 nights London — day one will be very tiring due to the long journey/jetlag. so 3+ days free.

3 nights Paris = 2.5 days (after accounting for checking out/checking in and travel)

2 nights Lucerne = about 1 full day since the train trip is long. I’d fly myself

2 nights Interlaken = 1.5 days

I’d cut one of the cities in Switzerland and add the time to Paris. Train between London and Paris, fly between Paris and Switzerland. Where are you flying home from? If it is London — then you have to factor in getting back to London a day before your flight so the cuts even more time from Switzerland.

Honestly, eleven nights would give you a good taste of London and Paris w/o trying to squeeze in Switzerland too.

No matter what you decide —you won’t need a Eurailpass.

Hi metou,

No, it doesn’t make sense to fly from Paris to Luzern. The train trip is only 4h41. If you flew, it would take:

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