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london guide app

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The London Cigar Guide

The cigar stores and terraces of London are a delight for visiting cigar smokers. There is more cigar heritage and expertise in a few square miles in London than anywhere else in the world outside Havana. the capital city of Cuba.

The London Cigar Guide will provide every cigar loving visitor London with a personal introduction to each cigar store and cigar terrace where it is possible to smoke cigars. The London Cigar Guide makes locating places to buy and smoke fine and rare vintage cigars a real pleasure.

The London Cigar Guide, introduced by Nic Wing, Managing Director,

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Two years ago I created the Cuban Cigar Walk London to introduce cigar smokers to the delights of four of London’s finest cigar stores. At the time I wanted to extend its reach but the technology wouldn’t allow it.

With this app I am delighted to be able to bring you the full London Cigar Guide which incorporates the Cigar Walk and so much more.

The cigar scene in London is incredibly vibrant, new cigar stores and venues to enjoy your fine cigar are opeПing every month and this app will help you locate and visit them. London Cigar Guide will be updated frequently and supported on Facebook and Twitter with up to date information on events and opeПings.

We have also included places to eat and drink as: “Man cannot live by cigars alone”.

Locations are put into four groups and are indicated on the map with different coloured pins:

  • Green for Cigar Stores
  • Red for the Audio Guide/walk
  • Blue for lounge/smoking terrace
  • Orange for other points of interest (restaurants/pubs and historic sites)
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The guide will be regularly updated as new stores and smoking venues open and we will be adding other points of interest to cigar smokers including interesting historical, quirky and sometimes humourous anecdotes from the life of Sir Winston Churchill, perhaps the most famous cigar smoker of all time.

Do please explore the guide and enjoy the London Cigar scene . Please email me with any suggestions or new sites you find, we are always interested to find new spots to add to the guide.

london guide app

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