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London Language Institute

london language institute

A leader in ESL and academic preparation, London Language Institute is located in the beautiful City of London, Ontario Canada. LLI specializes in ESL programming and preparing students for high school and post-secondary studies. LLI also works with clients hoping to increase their English abilities for work opportunities both here in Canada and abroad. LLI is proud to have more than 16 years of experience working with students from all over the world.

LLI is proud to have university pathways where students can receive conditional letters of acceptance to colleges and universities in Canada and the United States based on the completion of LLI’s ESL and academic preparation program. Please refer to our ESL and Pathway department for more details.

The classrooms at London Language Institute are all designed for maximum learПing potential. The maximum number of students per classroom does not exceed 12 students. All classrooms are equipped with a smart board and projection technology, boardroom style desk configuration, and audio-video equipment. Our modern and professional look is a great environment in which to study and learn.

LLI has multiple computer lab areas, audio visual viewing areas and lunch rooms. LLI is very proud to have been recognized as one of the best learПing environments in Ontario Canada.

London Language Institute recognizes that a big part of a student’s study in Canada focuses around living concerns. LLI screens potential homestay families continuously; ensuring that students can request a particular type of Canadian family that they will be comfortable with. Students can choose from a young family, elderly family, with or without children or pets. Students may live on their own, or with another student. Privacy is assured for all students. LLI selects families that are interested in sharing experiences with the students. This provides an atmosphere where students are able to feel “at home”.

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Full Price list

See the full price list on the schools website, links to that website can be found on this page!

Also, you can contact our staff at any time for a detailed price quote: Contact All About LearПing / 1 (800) 620 – 5567

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