london music venues list

Top 5 London Music Venues

Posted on June 28, 2012 by admin

london music venues list

London is one of the best travel destinations for the musically inclined, irrespective of whether this refers to hearing the best and most popular London musical or simply catching a concert with your favourite band. That’s because the British capital has got some awesomely impressive musical venues, the top five of which you can find below.

5. Madame JoJo’s

No list of music venues in London would be complete without at least a mention of the vibrant artistic community in Soho. Initially, Madame JoJo’s belonged to porn tycoon Paul Raymond and was employed as a nightclub. It was redesigned for the occasion of the Whitehall Theatre renovation, when all the 1970s-themed decor was moved from the theatre to the club. That’s how the place got its very chintzy feel, perfect for showcasing fresh new bands.

4. Cafe Oto

Cafe Oto is not the last Dalston-located venue on our list, and that’s no surprise, given the number of cafes, clubs and concert halls in the bohemian neighbourhood. The special thing about this particular place, which opened as recently as April 2008, is that it’s a favourite of the indie, alternative and experimental community, where everybody comes to listen to a cool new concert in London. most often featuring artists they’ve never heard of before.

3. Tabernacle

The name of this venue might take you back into Renaissance or Middle  Ages times, but, in actuality, the Notting Hill concert hall is a red-brick structure with much Victorian gusto about it. Back in the heyday of the hippie era, Tabernacle was home to such legendary London gigs as Pink Floyd and The Clash. Nowadays, the biggest names in the industry are still performing here, but this time it’s Adele and Lily Allen. The particular niche of this venue is strongly connected with world music: African, Caribbean and Latin.

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2. The Vortex

If you’re into jazz—and even if you’re not, then The Vortex is definitely the one place you need to visit, because this venue is not just for pretentious middle-aged snobs. The Dalston-located venue often features contemporary artists, live nu jazz acts and all sorts of eclectic combinations. There literally is a musical performance here every night, and the futuristic interior design and eclectic combination of architectural styles definitely add an extra reason to the list of ‘why you should go to The Vortex’.

1. The Barbican

The home of the London Symphony Orchestra is one of the favourite destinations in London for hipsters, bohos and those with classical tastes. The Barbican is more than a mere musical venue with exceptional acoustics. It’s one of the best places to hear a London musical. The 2,000-seat room also features theatre performances and film screeПings—but the truly amazing thing about it is the clarity of sound it provides. Most artists who perform here live add further layers of orchestration to their songs, or perform acapella, to let nothing but the music shine through.


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