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How is the weather in London in November?

The month of November changes from fall-like to winter-like in London and also tends to be wet so bring your weather gear, because there are a few outdoor events worth attending.   One good event is the Bonfire Night (November 5, 2014) with fireworks to warm things up. Another might be the opeПing of Winter Wonderland at London’s Hyde Park later in the month.

The afternoon high temperatures early this month will mostly be in the mid 50s f (13-14C) with a few days reaching up into the low 60s f (about 15-16C).  Early morПing lows tend to be in the upper 40s f (8-9C).  As the month progresses daytime highs fall into the upper 40s f (9-10C) while early morПing lows tend to drop into the lower 40s f  (5-6C) with a few morПings dipping down into the mid-30s f (1-2C).

Skies will be cloudy or mostly cloudy on 21-22 days with some rainfall likely on about 17 days.  Snow is unlikely early in November; however towards the end of November the risk for some snow increases to about 5-10 %.  The sun remains low on the horizon this month with about 9.5 hours of daylight early in November diminishing to a little over 8 hours near the end of this month.

What to wear in November in London

It is always best to carry an umbrella in London. Early this month a medium weight waterproof jacket or coat might work fine, however, towards the end of the month some additional winter attire like hats and gloves or even a heavier coat might also come in handy.

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