london oxford university fees

Stonehenge, Bath and Windsor castle

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0435E Child rate from 3 years old. Senior over 65 years old.

london oxford university fees Stonehenge, Windsor and Windsor Castle bus tour.

Windsor castle: a picture is worth a thousand words. Crossing London, to Berkshire to the 11th Century Windsor castle with its 900 years of history and treasures.

london oxford university fees Then, proceeding towards the megalithic temple of Stonehenge which suddenly appear in the distance: standing alone proud and gigantic in the middle of the Wiltshire countryside.

It sends out an irresistible and overwelming sense of mystery. Questions? E-mail us: (or. keep scrolling down) A strong emotion is caused by the sight of this prehistoric place with its intriguing and ancient history.

london oxford university feesIt provokes extraordinary feelings: it is a referral point for the followers of astrology, of the solar movements, of the partial eclipses, the Summer Solstice, a place for meditation, archaeological studies, attracting crowds of various cults and New Age travellers who gather here and try out the strength of the electromagnetic field, in contemplation for points of magnetic conjunctions by simple хэнд rods or a magnetic direction sensor that can detect at higher precision the magnitude and direction of a detected magnetic field.

london oxford university feesOn arrival, two 7 feet high stones welcome you with an invitation to touch them for your own personal and natural contacts with the past.

Oxford: a picture is worth a thousand words. Before continuing across the Cotswold to Oxford, the oldest British University. One of the most famous examples of architecture and history of England.

london oxford university fees This full day bus tour includes:

admission fees to Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, Oxford. Days of Operation: Daily.

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