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london oxford university London To Oxford — 100 minutes (from 3 GBP)

London Victoria to Oxford Gloucester Green by Bus

The bus service between London and Oxford is excellent and runs up to every 10 minutes, 24 hours a day. You can book a return fare for just 1.50 GBP each way (including booking fee of 50p each way). To get cheap fares you need to book in advance and go at off-peak periods after 9am. Buses to Oxford run from Victoria Coach Station gate10, and Buckingham Palace Road outside Victoria station. The London to Oxford buses all arrive at Gloucester Green station in Oxford City centre, but do stop at other locations on the way into Oxford. The way to get the cheapest tickets is to book a seat with Megabus online use the Megabus button below (you will actually travel on the Oxford Tube)

The bus from London to Oxford is normally cheaper than the train (3 GBP for an advanced return fare compared to approx 8 GBP for the train). This route is very popular and can be very crowded so it is advisable to book online in advance to secure the best fares. Although the buses are branded as the ‘Oxford Tube’ they are operated by the parent company Stagecoach who also operate the ‘Megabus’ discount bus brand.

To see a timetable and mini maps showing bus stops in London and Oxford see the Oxford bus website. or download the pdf version of the Oxford Tube Timetable

The Oxford bus company also offer a more upmarket service between London and Oxford called the X90 (previously known as the Oxford Espress). Tickets cost 13 GBP one way and 16 GBP return for an adult and it runs every 15 minutes at peak times. The Oxford X90 Timetable can be downloaded by clicking the link. Online booking is offered on the Oxford Bus Company’s website .

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Group Travel between Oxford and London

If you are travelling with a group between London and Oxford it is advisable to avoid the commuter times between 6.30 am and 8.30 am and 4.30 pm to 6.30 pm in the eveПing. There are some group discounts available on bus travel between Oxford and London if you book through the Oxford Tube website but you will need to work this out depending on your party:

1. Any 1 adult ticket (13 GBP) entitles 2 children under 16 to travel free.

2. You can buy a student multiple travel ticket for 12 journeys for 62 GBP from the driver which will entitle six students return journeys on this one ticket. An ISIC card or official student ID is required.

3. Group ticket — 2 adults and 3 children (under 16) cost 35 GBP.

There are no discounts available with Megabus. but as mentioned above they are normally the cheapest option (even for groups) and the service is operated by the Oxford Tube so it is a very good service. If you wish to get a student discount you will need an official NUS Extra Card. the driver will not accept any other proof of ID. Normally if you book in advance the tickets work out at 6.50 GPB per return compared to 13 GBP through the Oxford Tube website and tickets can be as cheap as 2 GBP return if booked far enough in advance!

London Underground travel cards (pass for the London Underground) can be added on for an extra 8-10 GBP on arrival at any London Tube station. More details on tube fares can be found here.

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London to Oxford By Train — 60 minutes (from 4 GBP)

London Paddington to Oxford train station

Trains from London to Oxford run from Paddington Station. If you are travelling from Europe you can connect by booking Eurostar tickets online from Paris or Brussels to London. There is a regular service from London to Oxford that runs from 6:00am to midnight during the week. The last train to leave London for Oxford leaves London at 00:21 and arrives in Oxford at 01:30. The journey time from London to Oxford is normally 60 minutes for direct services and 90 minutes for a stopping service, so it is worthwhile getting the fast train! The train arrives at Oxford Station which is a five minute walk to Oxford City centre. You can travel from London to Oxford for just 4 GBP one way if you book in advance online compared to 18 GBP if you just turn up at the station. The cheapest fares can be had if you book well in advance and travel at off-peak times, ie. after 9am. If you want to check train times and prices or book tickets online in advance use the button below:

London to Oxford by Car 60 miles (84 mins)

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