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These pictures of London are arranged to start in Kensington with the Albert Memorial, and travel to the Thames to Westminster Palace, cross over the Thames at Westminster Bridge, then take the Riverside walk toward the Tower Bridge, and loop back to central London along the north bank of the river.

Albert Memorial (3 pictures) In the south east corner of Kensington Gardens you’ll come upon this interesting Victorian monument to Albert.

Buckingham Palace Pictures (6 pictures) See the changing of the guard, take a tour, or just gawk at the busy traffic circle, the statuary, and the gardens out front.

St James Park (2 pictures) Visit an idyllic spot in the center of London between Buckingham Palace and the center of British Government.

Abe Lincoln in Parliament Square (1 picture) Bet you didn’t know that Parliament Square was a place where you could see Winston Churchill and Abe Lincoln together, eh? Well, there are two statues here, and this one’s a replica of the one in Chicago’s Lincoln park.

War Protest (1 picture) Placards in opposition to the war in Iraq—the only sighting of opposition we saw in our few days in London in 2003.

Westminster Abbey (3 pictures) Really, it’s the Collegiate Church of St. Peter at Westminster. Lots of very famous people are buried inside.

Palace of Westminster (Parliament) (10 pictures) Here you’ll find pictures of the Clock Tower that holds Big Ben, statuary of Britain’s finest, the Burgher’s of Calais by Rodin, and the Parliamentary buildings.

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Riverside Walk (2 pictures) Cross the river at the westminster bridge and you’ll come upon the Florence Nightingale Museum, the London Aquarium, the Dali Museum, and the next picture set, the London Eye.

The London Eye (9 Pictures) The London Eye takes you up almost 140 meters in a huge, Ferris Wheel type deal where you can get a panoramic view of the city.

Globe Theater (1 picture) Riverside walk takes you past the Royal Festival Hall, the National Theater the the Tate Museum to Shakespeare’s Globe theater. Yeah, it’s a reproduction that just reopened in 1997 after an extensive redo, but it’s faithful to the original. You can visit it to see the ancient theatrical innovations under the theater, or see a production there.

The Golden Hinde (2 pictures) Another faithful replica, Sir Sir Francis Drake’s 16th century galleon the Golden Hinde, is berthed at St Mary Overie Dock where it is currently a museum.

The Tower Bridge (5 pictures) Continuing past the London Dungeon, Churchill’s World at War Museum, and the H.M.S. Belfast moored in the Thames, you’ll come upon the Tower Bridge, a fabulous example of Victorian engineering.

St. Katherine Docks (1 picture) A surprise (for me) part of London I’d never visited before. Just east of London tower, you’re in London’s premier yacht marina, with numerous shops, interesting restaurants, and diversions. A wonderfully serene break from the center of London.

St Paul’s Cathedral (1 picture) In one respect, London is a little odd—it costs to visit St. Paul’s, but many of the museums are free. Go figure.

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Royal Courts of Justice (2 pictures) It’s a fine set of Gothic buildings, but there’s often action right out front, where people can protest just about anything that’s going on inside.

Those famous London Pubs (2 pictures) And with lawyers around, you’ll need a good pub or two, right? Just remember to order at the bar, those waiters are one-way, they only bring out the food, they don’t usually take orders.

The Old Curiosity Shop — Just added is this photo of the shop that some say was the inspiration for Dickens Old Curiosity Ship.

These attractions may be visited with the Londonpass. This pass may save you money, especially if you are staying for longer journeys. The Londonpass web site has many interesting ideas for visiting hidden spots in London as well.

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