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We created this meet up group in order to built up a strong, fun and friendly community of photographers, retouchers, make up artists, stylist and other creatives who are interested in photography!

SALT Photo Studio was founded by Ksenia and Victoria as a project that would combine a private photo studio and a photography/retouching school in one place.

Co-shared with only a few members at a time, the studio is a one of a kind creative space, where talented photographers, retouchers, make-up artists and stylists produce high-end fashion and beauty editorials, as well as teach unique photography and retouching workshops.

We are passionate and daily inspired to create beautiful images, in which every detail is taken into account. Constantly educating ourselves on the subject of the ever changing photography trends, we make sure our obsession with gorgeous photography comes across in all of our work.

london photo studio


If you are a beginner photographer or a professional enthusiast, please do not hesitate to join our community! We try to host workshops, seminars and master classes suitable for everyone. Thus, our «How to start a photography business», «Lightroom Basics», «Photoshop Basics», «1-2-3 Studio LightПing» would be beneficial for beginners and «Advanced Retouching Techniques», «Model Tests Workshop», «Beauty Photography Workshop» etc would be interesting for more experienced photographers!

We also host guest workshops, where professional photographers, retouchers and make up artists share their experience and techniques. Join us!


1 Day Workshops — Come for a day of photographic experience and knowledge! We offer plenty of topics, from shooting techniques to retouching skills, outdoor photography to studio lightПing to business and marketing of your business. We will answer all your questions, provide you with all the necessary information, give you tips and share experience!

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Guest Workshops — We often invite experienced professionals within the industry to host the workshops for our members. The topics are varies from wedding to studio photography and from basic make up skills to advanced retouching.

EveПing Workshops — 3-4 hours event for enthusiasts, such events usually include 1 hour theory discussion, lightПing set up and photo shoot with professional model. Escape from your daily routine and join our classes!

Please do not hesitate to contact us anytime you have any questions via

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