london population by nationality

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london population by nationality

What does this table show?

The table breaks down the population, its characteristics and changes by London’s five sub-regions and the rest of England.

In the last 10 years the Inner East & South of London grew fastest of all the London sub-regions, with the population increasing by nearly a fifth to over 2.1 million. This is five percentage points higher than the next fastest growing sub-region. The slowest growing sub-region is the Outer South, where the population increased by 7%.

The 2011 Census revealed that «White British» was now a minority ethno-national group in London (less than half) with 55% of the population belonging to a non-White British group. However, it is important to note that London’s population born outside the UK was considerably lower than this at 37%. The high proportion of non-White British groups in London partly reflects the legacy of longer-term trends of international migration rather than recent dramatic changes. Overall 78% of people living in London described themselves as having a UK-based nationality.

The proportion of non-White British groups varies across London’s sub-regions. The Inner East & South has the highest rate at 65%, followed by the Outer West & Northwest at 61%. The area with the highest proportion of people born outside the UK is neither of these, but the Inner West at 44%.

h2. Data used

ONS, Census 2001 and 2011

Indicator last updated: 11 October 2013

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