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Haringey Register Office

Location for Weddings and Social Events

Haringey Register Office, Wood Green, Middlesex, N22 8LE

    Max guests for group photographs 60 Civil weddings catered for Yes Events photographed by Paul Martin Wedding Last event photographed by Paul Martin 23/09/05

Haringey Register Office is conveniently situated on High Road, Haringey Council Цивик Centre, Wood Green.

A map is available here and there is a website for this location.

Paul Martin has given Haringey Register Office a rating of 3 out of 5 for indoor photography and a rating of 5 out of 5 for outdoor photography.

Please note that these ratings only relate to the suitability for photography, and do not in any way relate to other facilities and services that may be provided by the Haringey Register Office.

Comments from Paul Martin:

At Haringey’s Register Office, marriage ceremony’s take place in a fine-panelled marriage room, with seating for over 50 guests and standing room for more. The room is tastefully decorated and there are plants and floral arrangements to create a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

I have covered three marriage ceremonies at Haringey Register Office, and, am most impressed with the facilities. From the outside, this 60′s building is not particularly attractive, but, this is more than мейд up for by the facilities indoors and in the private garden. I was able to make a pleasing record, mainly informal-reportage photographs of the small wedding ceremony I covered. The spacious foyer is suitable for undertaking group photographs in the event of poor weather. However, I also recorded some lovely artistic photographs of bride & groom on the stair case; (one of these appear in Gallery 1 of my website).

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In my eyes, the most impressive feature of Haringey Regsiter Office is the Commonwealth garden, at the rear of the building. This beautifully landscaped garden offers a lovely setting for photographs, with its collection of trees, flowering shrubs and plants; here I was able to record some stunПing portraits and group photographs. The benches littered around the garden provided suitable props as well. However, I was also able to record some unsual reportage/ arty photo’s of bride & groom on the lower section of the fire exit stairs. Needless to say, they loved these ‘wacky’ photographs! The wedding reception followed nearby at The Angel in Highgate.

Haringey Register Office is a very good venue for a small civil marriage ceremony. The opportunities for producing memorable wedding photography at Haringey Register Office are excellent. In fact, from a photographic perspective, this wedding venue stands up very well against most London Register Offices I have visited. To this end, I have a complete portfolio of the above-mentioned wedding which shows off the features I have described.

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