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We don’t offer UK tickets yet so I can’t offer specific advice for the Preston to London portion of your journey. However, we recommend that you purchase CIV train tickets for this portion of your trip, which will protect that part of your journey under international passenger rights (so if your UK train is delayed, the rest of your trip will be protected). Raileasy. among others, sells tickets from UK stations to «London International». They’re slightly more expensive but worth the extra expense.

You can get the train from London to Rome by day with two changes in Paris and Turin. First you’ll depart London St. Pancras and take the Eurostar to Paris. There are numerous departures daily for this service.

From here, it’s a high speed TGV from Paris to Turin. The TGV departs Paris Lyon station and your Eurostar gets into Paris Nord so you’ll need to transfer stations. You’ll need to alight the train In Turin and switch to a high-speed Eurostar Italia train for the final leg from Turin to Rome, but this only requires a simple platform change.

You can either travel in the afternoon to Paris, stay overnight and then take the TGV the following day or take an early morПing departure Eurostar and connect to a TGV service that will have you in Rome the eveПing of the same day.

We explain this journey in greater depth, including more information on tranfers, prices and booking horizons on our Trains to Rome page in the Loco2 Destinations section.

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