london today events free

A Guide To Finding Free Events In London

london today events free

As I discussed yesterday, London is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in and to visit. But as yesterdays article, 5 Cool Places To Visit For Free In London. also  showed that the Big Smoke also  a whole selection of world class places and things that  you can enjoy for free.

Today’s article is, you will be glad to know is going to фокус on free London events. Every single week of the year you will find many different free events all over London, whether it’s music, dance, performance art or plays. If you look hard enough you will find something that will interest even those couch potatoes that really should escape from their  television screens from time to time.

A Guide To Free Events In London

1. The Royal Parks. here you will find a whole selection of free events and activities for all members of the family to enjoy. You will find events such as live music, guided walks and even occasional  bee keeping demonstrations.

2. National Portrait Gallery. throughout the year they offer a selection of events including, lectures, workshops and conerts.

3. National Theatre. they occasionally have free concerts and exhibitions for you freebie lovers out there.

4. hmv. you can sometimes catch groups performing live at the hmv in oxford circus. In fact the 80′s group “Aha”, remember them? Will be performing live at the Westfield shopping centre on the 28th of July, before heading to the hmv store there to sign autographs.

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5. Convent Garden. head here when the weather is reasonable nice and you will find a huge a cross section of talented musicians, ranging from solo guitarists, string quartets to bands who will all be busking for your entrainment.

6. South Bank. take a walk along this side of the river any given day and you will find countless buskers plying there trade, ranging from performance art, comedy, magicians, musicians, break dancers and virtually ever kind of performance that you can think of. It is nice to be nice and occasionally drop a few pennies into the hat.

7. 4th Plinth at Trafalgar Square. become a voyeur and watch whoever is King or Queen for an hour on to of the lump of stone on the square. Watch this so called live art while it lasts!

8. West Minister Abbey. normally costs a small fortune for a visit, but they don’t charge for those that attend in order to  worship. The best time to attend a service is during  Evensong, when you will hear the beautfiul sound of the Abbey Choir.

9. Trafalgar Square. there are occasional events here and even when there isn’t just grab a seat and watch the world go by. There is always something happeПing here, whether it’s buskers, or Wackjobs doing whatever it is they do! For example the last time I was there a crazy transsexual was runПing around as part of some very, very low budget movie.

10. Wembley Market. even though it is free you may want to spend a few quid on some of the amazing bargains that you will find here. Wembley Market is the biggest Sunday market in all of England and there are over 500 stalls selling everything you could imagine and then some!

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I have only listed a tiny fraction of the free events that are available on a regular basis in London for your pleasure and entertainment. Such is the nature of free events in London. there are many new events that appear on a weekly basis. Which you will only find out about if you are lucky and hear about them through word of mouth or you make a wee bit of an effort and do some research. After all who said free didn’t require a wee bit of effort.

The amount of times that I have heard about a wonderful sounding free event after it has happened, is something that I wont talk about because I have constant bruises on my shins from kicking myself. So from now on I plan on staying alert and beady eyed for interesting free events all over the capital of cool London .

To help make the task of finding what events are on in London for free, I have put together a wee list of some web sites, which list what’s out there in this crazy and amazing city for absolutely  nothing.

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