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Today on this 2007 Jeep Liberty we are going to be installing Curt hitch part number 13044. We are underneath the vehicle and we are taking a look at the driver side frame rail. As you can see, we have three existing weld nuts here, one at the rear side, one at the middle and then one at the forward side. Those are going to provide our three attaching points for our trailer hitch. And that is going to be the same on both the driver and passenger sides. Into those weld nuts, we are going to be installing 12 millimeter bolts, along with a conical tooth washer, that is provided with our hitch installation kit. And what you may notice is that the weld nuts have some corrosion or road grime built up in them, like on this vehicle. So the first thing that we want to do is go ahead and clean those out thoroughly. To do that, we just want to take a spray lubricant, like a WD-40 and go ahead and spray that down. Then we just want to take a thick bristled wire brush of some sorts and go ahead and run that in there. You probably need to do that a couple times. And we just want to repeat that for all six of the weld nuts. 1:02

Another thing that we want to point out is you may have some difficult getting the forward most bolt into the weld nut on the passenger side due to the exhaust being in the way. And if that is the case, you can go ahead and remove the exhaust off of its rearmost hanger here to help give you a little bit more room. To do that, again, you just want to spray the studs down on the exhaust hanger. And you can take either a pry bar or a pair of pliers and go ahead and remove the rubber hanger from the studs. OK, now that we have all of the weld nuts thoroughly cleaned out, we can go ahead and put the hitch up in position. Again, we are going to be using the 12 millimeter bolts and conical tooth washers, that are provided with the installation kit, to attach the hitch up into position. OK, now that we have all of the fasteners in place, we can go ahead and start torquing our bolts down. You want to check with the directions to verify the appropriate torque rating for each of the bolts. 2:01

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And with all of the bolts torqued down, you just want to make sure that you put your exhaust back up on its hanger, if you had removed it earlier and our installation will be complete. And now that we have the hitch installed, we are going to give you a couple of final dimensions that will help make choosing your hitch accessories a little bit easier. From the ground to the top of the receiver tube opeПing if going to be 17-3/8 inches. And from the center of the pin hole to clear the spare tire on the back of the vehicle is going to be approximately 14-1/2 inches. This will conclude the installation of Curt hitch part number 13044 on a 2007 Jeep Liberty.

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