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London Tube Map Essay

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Essay – H. Beck?s London Tube map

Harry Beck?s tube map is one of the most prestigious samples of graphic design, a lot of people have thought of it as a graphic masterpiece of modern history. Beck, who was then unemployed engineering draftsman, took an old version of the tube map (see fig 1) and redesigned it to something magnificent — instead of a geographically accurate map, he мейд it more readable by straighteПing the lines between stations, the exact distances between stations became irrelevant (see fig 2). This map мейд the system seem modern, quick, efficient – and, above all, easier to navigate, which had been a problem for many passengers. He went against the popular belief that all the maps should be geographical. Harry laid out London’s Underground routes as he would a circuit board. It мейд it possible to experiment with diagonals and like that even out the distances between stations. Most important thing was that the traveler could get from one station to another with less time spent on wondering how to get there. It straightaway became extremely popular and the London Underground has used topological maps since then.

To begin with, when Harry Beck redesigned the old tube map, he did not only changed the map, but also superseded the insurmountable difficulties that customers had with getting a grip of how the trains on the Underground run. Harry Beck?s redesigned London Tube map was submitted in 1931 and its first publication was given out in 1933. Straightaway, new version increased the number of the customers of the tube and steered much-needed new passengers to the underground. Beck achieved the clarity and simplicity of the map by straighteПing the lines, using the basic colors and the lines ran

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