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US to build $1 billion embassy in London


The United States has unveiled plans to build its most expensive embassy ever in London–and it features a moat.

The US State Department has announced that it will build a $1 billion embassy in London in 2013. The new embassy will feature a moat to protect American diplomats from terrorist attacks. In a recession with unemployment numbers sky high, many Americans question the need to construct such a building in a country that has been a long-time friend of the United States. The new building will be the most expensive American embassy in history.

"I definitely think the money could go somewhere a little more practical," one man said.

"I just think why would you do that in London?" another Washingtonian wondered.

The cost of the new American embassy will surpass that of the recently built $700 million embassy in Iraq. The United States is also planПing to build a $850 million embassy in Pakistan. Aside from the price tag, other Americans wondered exactly how a moat would protect diplomats from a potential terrorist attack.

"It’s a little over excessive. I mean if you think about it – 9/11, they didn’t get there with boats. It seems a little absurd," one man said.

"I think that moats are very practical, but I think they’re at least a couple years out of date. I think if you want to protect us from the Londoners I think there might be other ways to do it, you know, like toothpaste," another man said.

The embassy is expected to be complete in 2017.

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