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London Pass Benefits:

Free entry to Churchill War Rooms & 10% off at gift shop

Normal Ticket Price: Adult: £16.35; Child: £8.15

Explore Churchill’s underground headquarters and learn about tales of espionage and WWII through this fascinating wartime museum

Explore the secret headquarters of ‘the greatest Briton’, Sir Winston Churchill, and uncover the underground nucleus of Britain’s war effort. The first London museum of its kind, the Churchill War Rooms and Museum depicts all ninety years of Winston Churchill’s life, divided into five chapters starting from his childhood, through his early years as British Prime Minister and the period famously known as the ‘Gathering Storm’.


  • Uncover the life in Churchill’s bunker and discover the camaraderie, secrecy and fear of WWII attacks
  • The War Cabinet Room includes the Map Room and the Transatlantic Telephone Room, taking you back in time to experience the planПing and the plotting of the Second World War
  • The Churchill Museum is an interactive gallery of Churchill’s life, with a 15m long Lifeline at the centre exhibiting documents, photos and film clips of his famous political reign

Did you know:

  • Sir Winston Churchill’s paternal grandmother was a relative of George Washington and Churchill was the first person to be acknowledged as an Honorary Citizen of the United States
  • Churchill was born on the clockroom floor of Blenheim Place, while his mother was attending a party
  • He won the title ‘Man of the Year’ in Times Magazine, in 1940, and was heralded ‘Man of the Half-Century’ in 1949
  • Despite his success in the political realm, Sir Winston Churchill’s academic performance was a little more challenging – it took him three attempts before he passed the entrance exam to Sandhurst Military Academy
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Don’t miss:

Churchill’s Bunker

Discover what it was really like in the bunkers of WWII, learn about the experiences of Churchill and his contemporaries through stories, documents and interviews from members of his closet staff, including his personal secretary Elizabeth Layton. Understand the conditions they lived under and the shared morale and camaraderie among the secrecy and fear of attack.

Churchill Museum

Learn about one of Britain’s most powerful men, the British Bulldog, Sir Winston Churchill through a series of interactive displays outliПing his life and rise to power. Listen to extracts from his rousing speeches, read letter exchanges between him and his wife Clementine and discover objects from his childhood. One of Churchill’s earliest paintings is on display as well as film clips and photographs from his eventful ninety years.

Cabinet War Rooms

For six years, between 1939 and 1945, the Cabinet War Rooms were a series of secret rooms in the basement at the New Public Offices. As a secret shelter for the Prime Minister and the cabinet to control the plotting and planПing of the war, they moved into the bunker a week before declaring war on Germany. Learn about the conversations between Churchill and Roosevelt in the Transatlantic Telephone room, and walk through the maze of secret passages that used to buzz with political activity.

TOP TIP: For another taste of London’s military and political past, visit the HMS Belfast and learn more about the role this naval ship played in WWII during Churchill’s power

How to get there:

— Westminster (Jubilee, District and Circle Lines)

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— St James’s Park (District and Circle Lines)

— Churchill War Rooms is in zone 1 of the London Transport Network so your travel will be included in your package if you opt for The London Pass with Travel

— Tower Bridge is situated in zone 1 of the London Transport Network so your travel will be included in your package if you opt for The London Pass with Oyster Travelcard

Make the most of your London Pass:

— The London Pass offers holders free entry to this popular historical museum – a saving of over £16

— London Pass holders can also enjoy 10% discount at the gift shop

— Tower Bridge is close to one of London’s most unusual restaurants, the Medieval Banquet, where you can enjoy a four-course banquet and a show of festive pageantry – London Pass holders get 15% off

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