luxury villa rentals

An Exclusive Experience

Our guests may differ in their vision of their perfect Costa Rica vacation, but they have all chosen Peninsula Papagayo for the privacy, abundant surrounding nature, and stunПing views. Papagayo Luxury enhances your vacation with personalized luxury. tailoring your itinerary, adventures, and experiences to your needs, for the ultimate Costa Rican experience.

Natural playground for our discerПing guests

  •   Onsite. Your luxury villa rental is the perfect home base for adventure escapes, and you may opt to simply relax in the comfort of your spacious villa, enjoy your pool, in-home spa services, and the Four Seasons golf course and tennis center.  The private Prieta Beach Club is minutes from your home and is a wonderful oasis for all ages with several pools, restaurants, fitness center, and long beach.  Relax at the Beach Club and then enjoy a walk on the beach to watch the beautiful sunset colors as they fade to black.
  • By land. with a private guided «adventure of the day ,» choose from ziplinging, exploring a volcanic region, mountain biking, hiking, rafting, or many other options.
  • Or by Sea. from your private chartered boat with knowledgeable guide, enjoy remote beaches, surfing, paddleboarding, fishing, jet skiing, scuba diving, snorkeling, or searching for sea life.

    With your comfort in mind, we organize the details of your stay in advance and behind the scenes, so that you can maximize your relaxation and enjoyment once you arrive at your private villa at Peninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica.

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