mauritius houses for sale

mauritius houses for sale

mauritius houses for sale

As one of the world’s most sought-after and exotic destinations, Mauritius has much more to offer than meets the eye. Outside of the luxury hotels and internationally acclaimed resorts, there’s a wealth of experiences, cultural attractions and natural wonders to discover. Royal Park reflects the real values of this extraordinary and captivating island.

Thoughtfully situated amongst 90 hectares of rural parkland and a stunПing beachfront, Royal Park is a unique residential resort overlooking the bay of Balaclava on the northwest coast of Mauritius.

Promoting a new lifestyle and community philosophy previously unknown on the island, Royal Park has been consciously designed for local and international owners alike. This inclusive residential resort connects with the true heritage and personality of Mauritius whilst providing all the services and facilities expected from a leading resort.

Unlike the conventional resort model, Royal Park advocates experiences both outside and within the estate. It encourages its owners and guests to discover and embrace all that the Mauritian landscape, culture and people have to offer.

Drawing on talent from around the world, the developers have thoughtfully designed the estate to provide owners with a dynamic environment in which to enjoy Mauritius at its best.

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