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By having experience of more than four decades in R&D, manufacturing and distribution, MEDICOR is the eldest and largest representative of the Hungarian medical engineering industry.

MEDICOR takes part in saving the health of millions of Hungarian and foreign people and in creating the conditions of their curative treatment by manufacturing medical equipment of high standard and high quality, as well as by constructing and commissioПing completely healthcare institutions.

By developing, manufacturing and distributing a product range of mid price category and serving primary health care, MEDICOR plays a decisive role in the Hungarian medical equipment market and acts in more than 30 foreign markets as a worthy competitor of businesses manufacturing similar products.

MEDICOR’s goal is to provide, in conformity with its traditions, quality services to its partners in the 21st century, too. The quality of the products is assured by ISO 9001 quality assurance system introduced with Medicor Rt. its partner companies furthermore its manufacturing partners. Each distributed products is provided with CE mark.

In MEDICOR’s trading activity, the performance of main contracting and complete projects as per the customer’s requirements plays a decisive role and within this frame we offer the following:

— complex health care development of regions, counties, cities, procurement and commissioПing of equipment manufactured by us and by other Hungarian and foreign manufacturers

— medico-technological planПing

— construction of out-patient clinics, hospitals, turn-key commissioПing

— reconstruction of hospital departments

In cooperation with Hungarian EXIMBANK, MEDICOR offers a variety of financing facilities to its customers, e.g. long term, 5-7 years credit facility with favourable interest rate of 4-5%, for the implementation of main contracting, complex health care development projects. As a guarantee, EXIMBANK accepts the budgetary guarantee from the goverПing body of regions, counties, cities, as well.

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Besides Hungary, references are available in more than 30 countries in Europe, America and Asia, the most outstanding ones are as follows:

Hungary: National Institute of Oncology, Metropolitan Szt. J?nos Hospital, Szeged Medical University, Ken?zy Gyula Hospital of Hajdu-Bihar County, Borsod-Aba?j-Zempl?n County Hospital, Miskolc

Brazil: up-grading of more than 20 university clinics and 53 military health institutions

Russia: planПing and complete commissioПing of polyclinics, general and special hospitals of several hundred bed, diagnostic centres, full scale X-ray reconstruction programme of regions (Moscow, Arhangelsk, Bashkiria, Siberia, Far East)

Greece: commissioПing of 180 rural health centres in the islands

Peru, Ecuador: up-grading of image diagnostic department in 30 hospitals

The volume of main contracting deals and complete projects exceeds USD 70 million yearly, 90% of which is for export.

Since decades, worldwide best known individual product-related profile of MEDICOR is manufacturing and distribution of different diagnostic X-ray configurations in the domestic and export markets, as well. Beside, MEDICOR sells also the products developed and manufactured by its partner companies, as follows:

— X-ray diagnostic configurations

— Pediatric (Neonatal) devices

— Disposable products

— Functional diagnostic equipment

— Surgical instruments

MEDICOR pays extremely special attention to provide service and permanent maintenance for its equipment and devices. In Hungary this task is performed by MEDICOR Service Ltd. While abroad by MEDICOR’ local service companies. Smooth repair of the device, the permanent supply of necessary spare parts are provided by trained staff.

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