metropolitan museum new york city

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Metropolitan Museum Of Art New York City

A grande dame of museums and a New York City classic, the Met's collection contains more than two million works of art.

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— ". On the other side after a quick look at the Metropolitan Museum of Art I turned downtown-wards again taking a walk past the Queensborough bridge and the UN building once more now having. "

— ". — I certainly didn't see that coming Model boats on the lake looked like fun and the pyramidal structures of the Metropolitan Museum of Art were also unexpected, but I was here to see New York 's very own Cleopatra's Needle, a genuine ancient. "

— ". I was at this enormous museum — a single, behemoth of a museum which was a combination of the huge Metropolitan Museum of Art, the exceptional and classy Museum of Modern Art and the architecturally splendorous Guggenheim — and I had to try. "

— ". And then a walk across Central Park (yes, it's still Saturday, yes we're getting tired) and then to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. "

— ". Zacali sme v Metropolitan Museum of Art pri Central Parku. "

— ". We then headed North along 5th Ave and along side the park where we eventually stopped at 80th street at the Metropolitan Museum of Art was situated. "

— ". The park goes on for ages and on one side we passed the enormous Metropolitan Museum of Art, but we went past it to the Guggenheim Museum. "

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— ". guy there with a white suit with patterns all over with matching shoes and hat, score We also мейд it to the Metropolitan museum of Art (the met), took a walk down Madison Avenue (like in splash) where we walked past MIra Sorvino (гугл her name to. "

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— "Metropolitan Museum of Arts" by Roadtripusa2010 from a blog titled "Le musee de la frustration"

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