museum picasso malaga

Malaga City — Picasso Museum

museum picasso malaga

Malaga has more museums than any other city in Andalucia.

By Dee McMath

The people of Malaga are proud of the fact that Picasso was born here and it was a big day when the King and Queen of Spain inaugurated the Museo Picasso (Picasso Museum) on the 27th October 2003. On that first day alone almost 2,000 people visited. the museum, which is housed in the Palacio de Buenavista. You will find it right in the heart of the Historic Centre of the city, with the dramatic backdrop of the Alcazaba Fortress and Gibralfaro Castle close by. Literally two minutes walking distance from Malaga Cathedral, this magnificent old building has been painstakingly restored to befit the importance of the works of the great artist.

If you are looking for the Museum for the first time, remember that just a couple of minutes away, in the Plaza de la Merced, is the Casa Natal (Birthplace of Picasso), which has been open to the public since 1988. There are now exhibition rooms in the Casa Natal, as well as pictures and a view of how life was for the artist in his early years in Malaga. Some people find the Casa Natal first and mistakenly think that this is the Picasso Museum and then go no further. Since the two buildings are only a few minutes distance apart, visiting them both in one day is both feasible and indeed recommended.

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In high season, the Picasso Museum has proved so popular that a queue sometimes forms outside in the narrow pedestrian street, with Picasso ‘aficionados’ patiently waiting their turn to see the works of the great man.

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museum picasso malaga

Souvenirs of Picasso.

As well as the 12 halls of permanent exhibition gallery, which includes such classic Picasso works as ‘Olga Kokhlova with Mantilla (Barcelona 1917), Mother and Child (1921-1922) and Portrait of Paulo with white hat (1923), there are also many sketches and ceramics on display. In addition there are excellent temporary exhibitions, which are optional when you buy your entrance ticket and are exceptionally well received.

Roman and Phoenician Ruins in the basement

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