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Namaste London (2007): Watch the Hindi Movie Online – Akshay Kumar Special

Namaste London (2007): Watch the Hindi Movie Online – Aksahy Kumar Special

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Gorgeous and leggy Katrina Kaif appears as Jasmeet or Jazz, the very-British daughter of a very Indian father Manmohan Singh . With her ability to down several shots of vodka, and conjure up ex-boyfriends and memories of oft had one-night stands, she is adept at scaring away all the good desi boys, her parents try to arrange for her. However when she really gets serious about her thrice-divorced, English boss, Charlie Brown (Clive Standen), Dad gets worried enough to spirit her away to India under the guise of a sight-seeing vacation. Only being a typical desi Dad, he’s actually planПing to get her married to the first “achha ladka” he can lay his hands on. Thus starts a series of “boy viewings” where we are introduced to men obsessed with Indian Idol, the saas-bahu serials, and over-analysis. Jazz is vastly amused but really starts to feel the pressure when Dad carts them all to his home-town in dear old Punjab, and everyone begins to drown in a surfeit of the two staples of cliched Punjabidom – desi ghee, and tall glasses of lassi. Enter the son of the household, the local Jat, Arjun. Resplendent in a pink kurta, Arjun not only helps repair Manmohan’s stranded car, but is also skilled at serenading Jazz, in full view of her father. His masculinity thus established, he becomes the apple of Manmohan’s eye, and Manmohan decides that this particular Neanderthal is just the man for Jazz. Jazz of course, thinks otherwise. Manmohan Singh forces his daughter to marry a typical Indian in India: Arjun Singh (Akshay Kumar) is a Punjabi farmer. He barely speaks English, gets married to Jazz – and though initially joyful about his beautiful bride, he realizes that she still intends to marry her British boyfriend and Arjun is forced to watch as Jazz flirts with another man. However, Arjun will do anything to make his beloved happy and fall in love with him. In the end, some how, he manages to make Jazz fall in love with him.

Director: Vipul Amritlal Shah

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