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Friday, June 14, 2013

News From Italy Blog Dedication

The best part of the last ten years has been spent with my husband David living a dream life in Northern Lazio, Italy. Sadly his recent death has meant the end of this adventure. We were a close couple and I do not want to live full time alone in Italy. It is too early yet to say how much time I will spend in Italy every year but sadly I feel it will not be enough to warrant continuing with my blog ‘News From Italy’

Thankyou for all the wonderful support I have had from all around the world.

I am dedicating ‘News From Italy’ to this wonderful man, who was a very special husband, father, brother, son, uncle and friend to all who knew him.

Moving On A New Chapter

In November we set off for the UK planПing to spend a few months renovating a property we had purchased in Wales. We were very excited as prior to our departure we had accepted an offer on the house here with plans for completion at the end of March 2013. This fitted in perfectly with our intention of being back in Italy by the end of February to sort everything out for the sale. However as the saying goes, the best laid plans!

Life started to go horribly wrong for us when just a few weeks after arriving in Wales my husband was admitted to hospital. What we had thought was a severe bout of gastric sickness turned out to be much more serious, involving three months in hospital and major surgery. Thanks to the extreme kindness of friends and family in Italy and the UK we were able to push ahead with the sale of the Italian house and it was all completed just before Easter.

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My husband also came out of hospital on the same day so we can at least start planПing the next Italian and other adventures. Although we are going to need to be patient with regards to our return to Italy in search of the next property to purchase as we need to get him fit first. We have a long road to recovery ahead of us after all he has been through.

Many of you followed the renovation project here on the blog but just in case you didn’t and would like to see some of the work we did I have included links back to the various posts.

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