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Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Italy

Item specifics

  • Product Name: Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Italy
  • Product Origin: Conversano(BA) Italy
  • Brand Name: dipalma
  • PriceTerms: 2,80 a. /liter ex work
  • Supply Ability: 20-30 pallet


the di palma family business dates back to 1954, when mr giandomenico di palma established an olive oil mill. between the 50s and 60s a food commercial enterprise was started. in 1992 the mill was moved to a site covering an area of 3500 square metres, in the industrial area of conversano.

in 2001 the the di pama food company was founded: the export of their products started; they also began bottling their extra virgin olive oil in high quality packaging, thus gaiПing their position in both the home and the foreign market.

apulia has always been a land producing olive oil. what has especially favoured it is the weather, the quality of the land, the intense and long exposure to sunlight.

we have been selecting and producing high quality extra virgin olive oil coming only from our land for more than 50 years. by wisely using granite mills and harvesting olives at the right moment of their maturation the nutrition facts remain unchanged and the absolute naturalness of the product is ensured, according to the h.a.c.c.p standards and the most important provisions on the мейд in italy we follow each moment of the production, from harvest up to packaging, which is done using certified technologies. in order to safeguard the naturalness of the product. according to the orders of the customers, the di palma oil is bottled only a few days before the delivery ad only in containers which best guarantee its conservation: lines of packaging with nitrogen, which make it possible to keep the quality of the oil unchanged over the time, thus respecting its chemical and taste-related characteristics.

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the basis of extra virgin olive oil production is its extraction by solely using mechanical means. thats what distinguishes extra virgin olive oil from oil мейд through physical and chemical means (seed oil, refined oil and husk oil).

oil italia

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