oroshaza hungary

Gyoparosfurdo Hungary Oroshaza

Gyoparosfurdo Hungary Oroshaza

Gyoparosfurdo Hungary Oroshaza in Hungarian Gyoparosfurdo Oroshaza

Gyoparosfurdo is one of the Pearls in Hungary. The recently renovated Spa is one of the finest in Hungary. Gyoparosfurdo belongs to the city of Oroshaza, a smaller, middle sized city of Hungary. Oroshaza has approximately 30 000 inhabitants. Gyoparosfurdo is the name of one border area of Oroshaza.

Oroshaza located in East Hungary on the Great Plain approximately 185km from Budapest. See the map below.


The thermal water of Gyoparosfurdo has been officially recognised as a medical water in 1999. The 47 Celsius degree thermal water comes from 670m depth. The medical water can helps in wide variety of health problems: skin problems, respiration problems, musculoskeletal problems. The medical water can help to treat urological, or gynaecological problems. The water in Gyoparosfurdo is a Carbohydrate type. The amount of dissolved material is 1620 mg/l.

The new Adventure bath has 3 outside and 4 inside pools. Some days it is open even until Midnight. There are 1 external and 3 internal huge slides available in the bath. Lazy river and all kinds of new fancy staff is also available here.

Outside of the Building area a Lake bath can be found in a middle of a huge green park. The Lake system consist of three Lakes. The Lakes has a medical water in them which was invented in 1869.

There are 8 different sauna cabin can be find here from 30 to 80 degree Celsius. Usual Finn saunas, aromatic cabin, bio sauna, steam and infra saunas also available in Gyoparosfurdo.

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