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Just mention shopping add the word Italian. What does it spells? LUXURY CRAFTMANSHIPS, elegance, quality, expensive and for many of us ordinary citizen, too expensive a hobby to consider but we still love to window-shop just in case we spot a great discount! Ofcourse when considering an Italian holidays many are also aiming for outlet shopping in Italy as healthy retail therapy.

Every year thousands flock to Milan — Italy no: 1 centre for fashion to shop. Without fail the annual Milan Fashion Week attracts draws the crowd. You will read news who the beautiful people are flocking to Milan that week. Is THE place to be at that time! This is not the time to think of outlet shopping in Italy rather you will be looking at couture designs.

A little extra on Lingotto history — It was a FIAT factory designed in the 1920s by the engineer Matte Trucco, now completely refurbished. The name of the commercial center 8 Gallery evokes the historic spiral ramp that has always been the symbol of Lingotto. Many of Fiat cars were tested on this spiral ramp. This is the largest urban shopping and leisure center in Turin center you’ll find every types of shops, cinema, restaurants and supermarkets. Lingotto is also known as a place for research and culture, plus accomodation for visitors there’s a hotel next to it. On the roof-top, with the signature of Renzo Piano, there is the Art Gallery of the Fondazione Giovanni e Marella Agnelli, permanent exhibition but also temporary exhibition of the most famous artists of the world. So don’t forget to make your way on to the roof-top.


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outlet italy online outlet italy online

No time to travel to Italy. Not too worry you can now buy many of the same products online. Forzieri.com is a highly rated Italian retail and online shop who started business in Florence, Italy and respected among locals for their collection of fine Italian branded products and excellent customer service.

Forzieri.com sells accessories and clothes from major Italian fashion houses the likes of Gucci, Armani, Versace, Cavalli and many more. They ship to more than 150 countries. If fine Italian fashion is what you are looking then Forzieri.com outlet italy onlineis the place you should shop!

Give it a try, shop by searching for your favorite Italian labels. Italian shopping at your finger tips, delivered to your doorsteps. Shop at your own pace in the comfort of your home.

outlet italy online


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