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Austria-Hungary, Hungarian & Hungarian Inflationary Paper Money: 1915 — 1989

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Austria-Hungary Paper Money, Hungarian Paper Money & Hungarian Inflationary Paper Money: 1915 — 1989

I am pleased to share with the forum my small but growing collection of large and fascinating Hungarian notes that I have collected in recent months.

To my knowledge, I have no personal lineage or heritage to the country of Hungary and have never visited the country in my travels, although I would like to see the united twin cities of Buda and Pest that are bisected by the Danube but connected by bridges and timeless cultural influences. The history of Budapest is long and complex, yet it is only a fraction of the greater nation, and the diversity of the past and current culture that tie the country together means there's a rich woven fabric of life, history, visual art, design and architectural histories to immerse oneself.

Likewise, the currency of this region of the world has undergone many, many changes in the last 100 years. This is especially noteworthy after the capital city of Budapest was unified in the 19th Century, from the time of the Austria-Hungary era falling apart after WWI, followed by Hungary's own currency, and then the tumult of WWII bringing about further currency changes, then quickly overcome by the Soviet arrival at the war's end, Hungary becoming a Soviet Republic, a hyper-inflationary period with huge denominational notes being put in effect and further on toward the modern era with yet newer types of currency that once again look back at Hungary's rich past.

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I have overly simplified this introduction to Hungary, the capital of Budapest and the nation's currency, although the link above can provide the reader with a more accurate time line of events and historical figures and landmarks. The extraordinary history of Hungary has provided numerous interesting pieces of currency being created. Some notes bear exquisite vignettes of famed battle heroes, the slain, majestic cities, Patron Saints, Soviet style propaganda, and other subjects, but all are rendered in elaborate muted or high-contrast bright color pallettes. Many are HUGE large sized notes and utilize their format to display these fantastic printed designs. For me these are beautiful works of art done by many past security engravers, designers and craftsmen in the name of their homeland.

Anyone with Austria-Hungary, Hungarian or Hungarian Inflationary paper to share, do feel free to post your favorites. And please add your knowledge of history, specific details you care to share as well as Pick numbers for the notes if you know them. It would be a great addition to this thread and will help to represent World Currency topics on CoinTalk.


[Please note due to the large number of images to be posted, this thread will open with several posts from me in order to show the different types of currency on this topic.]

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