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Useful Information Port Vila - Vanuatu

WHAT CLOTHING SHOULD I WEAR IN PORT VILA: Light and casual, but not too brief in public places please.

WHERE CAN I FIND PHOTOS FROM MY ZEGO TOUR? All pictures of your tour are stored on our Facebook page. Please LIKE us on Facebook. Note that pictures are provided free of charge as a gesture by U-Power and may be removed after two months if not tagged by you on your Facebook account.

TRANSPORTATION PORT VILA: Driving is on the right-хэнд side of the road. Mini-buses offer a frequent though not time-tabled service - merely flag one down and tell the driver where you want to go, the fare is 150 vatu a trip. (approx. AUD$1.65) Drivers are usually friendly and helpful and the letter ‘B’ before the number plate designated a licensed bus (T designates taxis and H is on hire cars). The price does increase on cruise ship days.

WATER IN PORT VILA: The urban water is safe to drink from the tap. When travelling to the outer islands it is advisable to take drinking water along.

SHOPPING IN PORT VILA: Most shops close for ‘siesta’ from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm. Eating places, banks and supermarkets do not observe siesta. All shops are open on Saturday morПing, including specialty shops. Supermarkets and suburban general stores open early and close late seven days a week. The colourful market in the town centre operates every day except Sundays, for flowers, fruit, vegetables and handicrafts. A great spot to meet the locals!

Activities Port Vila: Vanuatu - Visit our "Tours" page for Zego water sports tours.

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