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City Sightseeing Rome

Discover all the great things to do and see in Rome with City Sightseeing

Prices from £17.50 for adults and £9.00 for children

Rome — sightseeing at its very best, with CitySightseeing

As the renowned capital of Italy, and Europe’s fourth largest city, few places on Earth are as impressive as Rome. Sightseeing in this astonishing metropolis is a hugely enjoyable experience — after all, it’s not every day that two and a half thousand years of history are laid out before you.

Why not have CitySightseeing, the world’s leading operator of high-quality open-top bus tours, show you around a city that is as fascinating as it is timeless?

So many things to see in the Eternal City

From the Trevi fountain to the Colosseum, Rome’s abundant sights rival those of any other city on the planet, in terms of their beauty, historical importance and ability to simply take your breath away. Whether your interests lie in antiquity, architecture, cuisine, culture, religion, shopping or спорт, Rome has something to suit all tastes.

Stroll through the Pantheon, marvel at Michelangelo’s Piazza del Campidoglio and admire the Swiss Guardsmen of Vatican City. Try a ‘proper’ spaghetti alla Carbonara near the Spanish Steps or sit back with a coffee and people-watch in Piazza Navona. Alternatively, if you fancy a break from Rome sightseeing, act like a local and take in a Lazio or Roma match at the Olympic Stadium.

Rome: sightseeing to remember, with CitySightseeing

A tour on CitySightseeing’s distinctive red buses represents a tremendous way to see this incredible city for the first time, to get your bearings and to visit many of the major sights in a relatively short time period.

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Comfortable and convenient, the tour offers you the opportunity to remain on the bus for the entire loop, listeПing to the informative audio commentary, or to hop on and off at each attraction. With the option to book your seats and download the tour routes on-line, you can even plan your Rome sightseeing visit before you leave for Italy!

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