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Insights, Vision, Values

At BuroHappold, we believe that the best solutions to the most complex challenges are underpinned by robust understanding and insight. That’s why we ask the big questions, challenge thinking and collaborate with clients, partners and citizens to deliver a truly integrated understanding of today’s urban challenges.

From our very first project we have used our intricate knowledge of the industry to push the boundaries and achieve more. It is this commitment that sets us apart, that adds value, that makes us award winПing. We apply the same level of complex thought and specialist expertise to every project we work on.

Described by our clients as ‘passionate’, ‘innovative’, ‘collaborative’, BuroHappold Engineering is an independent, international engineering firm built up over the last 40 years, delivering creative, value led building and city solutions for an ever changing world.

People, Offices, Careers

BuroHappold is a people practice. The diversity of our staff is what makes us unique. Their skills and expertise, along with their creative, enthusiastic personalities, enquiring minds and creative flair are what maintains our innovative edge.

In the construction world we design and make our built environment – the very fabric of our civilisation. There is room for an immensely diverse range of talents and what we tackle demands people with many different specialist skills; Thinkers, doers, analysts, generalists. equipped to deal with all aspects of the built environment.

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