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Мейд by: Meshalkina Kseniya, 11a Tutor: Smirnova T.E.

Oxford Street in London

The purpose of my scientific work is to track the history of Oxford Street in London. I have choisen this topic because I like to learn many details about different well-known places all over the world very much.

Besides, I would like to compare the well-known Oxford Street with the not less famous street in Nizhniy Novgorod — Big Pokrovskaya.

Oxford Street is the heart of London

Between the twelfth century and 1782 it was variably known as Tiburon Road Uxbridge Road,Worcester Road and Oxford Road. It became notorious as the route taken by prisoners on their final journey from Newgate Prison to the gallows at Tiburon near Marble Arch.

In the second chapter I shall compare two beautiful streets – Big Pokrovskaya in N.Novgorod and Oxford Street in Great Britain, which are alike.

Big Pokrovskaya is a unique foot street in the city and it is situated in N.Novgorod’s historical part.

Street Big Pokrovskaya, ex-Sverdlova, connects Minin and Pozharsky Square and Gorky Square and is in a historical part of the city.

Today the street is one of the most respectable in the city where historical buildings are its pride.

In the third chapter I shall give the general information about Oxford Street, and in its subitems I shall tell more detailed about the most beautiful and well-known places of Oxford Street.

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Selfridges, a luxury department store

Marks and Spencer


Borders, a large bookshop

John Lewis, Dabenham’s and House of Fraser

Oxford Street today is changed and its urban landscape was greatly improved.

In conclusion I want to say that Oxford Street has a rich history. It is like a very small town in a corner of a big country, but it has not small value as in the life of the society and of the country. Many people are interested in its historical data. what it was earlier like. Investigating this theme. I have learned about Oxford Street a lot of new from the historical point of view.

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