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History of Hungary as a leader in Spa & Wellness

Hungary is blessed with natural water sources all over the country which bring up healthy and warm water all year long. During the Turkish occupation the Turks also brought their bathing culture and affection for steam baths, saunas and other, nowadays know as wellness and healing treatments. Over the years after the occupation Hungary developed its own bathing culture keeping old traditions from the Turks alive. The Spa culture as we know it today is a Hungarian culture with influences from the Turks.

Many people visit Hungary just for that reason, no matter if it is the capital Budapest, the famous Heviz next to Lake Balaton or the western Sopron which is closed to Austria and attracts a lot of Austrians, Hungary is well known for its Spa culture worldwide.

Hungary Spa Hotels

Hungary famous Spa cities

The most famous cities in Hungary for Spa holidays and wellness treatements are the following:

  • Budapest
  • Hйvнz
  • Sopron
  • Miskolctapolca
  • Parбdsasvбr
  • Eger

Wellness and Spa Weekend in Hungary

Hungary is a very popular destination for Spa and wellness wekends because of the low prices for the accommodation and catering, the cheap flight prices and of course the quality of the Spas in Hungary which in contrary to the rest of Hungary is really high. Most Wellness and Spa complexes in Hungary have been buiold up in recent years or if they are historically old have been renovated and improved. All these factors play an important role while chosing your destination and since Hungary is only 1 or 2 hours away when flying and does not cost a fortune many groups of people decide for Hungary as a destination. We reccomend so as well.

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About Hungary

Hungary is one of the most western parts of Central Europe and is reachable by plane within 1 or 2 hours from most capitals in Europe. Due to its history and the Western standards Hungary and especially the capital Budapest is a very frequented destination for weekend trips, holidays and also very popular among expats.

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