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Thermal water in Fiuggi Terme — Thermal Baths in Italy

Nearly 65% of the human consists of water. A grown-up has a daily water requirement close to 35 gram per kilo of body weight.

Besides, in addition to its physiological-type purposes, over the centuries the consumption of water has acquired considerable significance in the treatment of a few diseases. These therapies based on the use of water are called crenotherapies (or thermal treatments).

The crenotherapeutic method provides for two different approaches: hydrotherapy. meaПing a treatment entailing various applications of plain (or mineral) water, and mineral water therapy, meaПing a treatment entailing the use of mineral waters as a drink. However, in addition to being employed as a drink, the mineral thermal waters may be used for inhalations, irrigations, partial or general baths, and mud treatments.

It seems that the beneficial effects of the mineral waters, when taken within special facilities — the thermal spa italy — and within the context of a specific program for the recovery of one’s physiological equilibrium, are not only a summation result, as they prove much more significant. This means that the climate and the mineral water of a given resort may produce an overall result that exceeds the sum of the effects resulting from the climate and the water taken separately; this means that what results is a synergism that strengthens the individual factors.

The action of a few natural colors (vegetation, etc) has positive effects also on the intellective and emotional sphere and it may not be ruled out that the psycho-sensorial stimuli of the thermal environment may trigger reactions that supplement and enhance the therapeutic properties of the water.

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