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Product Description

Italian Sparkling Wine Gagliardo Favorita Fallegro 2005 is a unique sparkling wine. It has a slight fizz that makes it a great wine for special occassions or as an appertatif. Fallegro, referencing the Italian word for pleasant, is a lively, slightly fizzy white that makes an ideal aperitif. It has delicate floral aromas and an elegantly tart flavor, which is perfect for cleansing the palate. Gagliardo Fallegro 2005 is bursting with fresh aromas and lively flavors of pear and yellow apples with a delightful citrus-floral finish. It is full, sapid and pleasantly velvety.


RATINGS: Recommended — San Francisco Chronicle

«The 2005 Gianni Gagliardo Fallegro from Italy’s Piedmont region is a refreshing, palate-cleansing start to a meal. It’s мейд from the native Favorita grape, considered to be virtually identical to Sardinia’s Vermentino, and as мейд by the Piedmontese, it tastes like a soulful Vinho Verde.»

Type of soil: Sandy

Harvest Season: last 15 days of September 2005

Vinification: Skinless first fermentation at 16/18° C, FML completed

Aging: brief refiПing in stainless steel Bottling: end of January

Storage: Store at low temperature and free from light

Serving Temperature: 9-11° C.

Tasting charateristics

Serving suggestions: As aperitif, ideal on pate, with oily dishes, tarts with butter, smoked salmon caviar, fish.Created by the famous Barolo producer, Gianni Gagliardo, this wine is more popular than pinot grigio! For centuries this grape has conquered the hearts of Roero farmers, becoming the Favorite Grape, hence the name Favorita. The grape is matched to the Vermintino variety, popular in Liguria and Sardenia. Half way between still and sparkling, this lovely, crisp wine has just a bit of ‘frizzante’ adds just a tingle of effervescence that dances on the tongue. Perfumes of jasmine and honeysuckle. Lovely and refreshing mouthfuls of green apples and sun ripened pears, it is pure pleasure. Reminiscent of springtime with every sip!

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This winemaking family goes back six generations in the area. The grapes grown on each single vineyard are all vinified separately, by хэнд and with small, high-quality yields. At Present the Gagliardo estate is composed of 30 hectares. This land is distributed in the zones of La Morra, Barolo, Serralunga and Monticello d’ Alba.

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