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Дата загрузки: 9 апр. 2007 г.

Intervista di Kobe Bryant in Italiano andata in onda su sportitalia l'8/04/07 durante la partita Lakers-Suns. Prima Parte

Translation :

Well, first this is a bit embarrassing for me because I'd started elementary school in

Italy but I speak italian for many years and it was remained on me but few few so I did this

interview in italian and in english. so can you ask me another time the question ?

what's remained on you about the years passed in italy ?

the passion, the passion for the life the passion to play basketball. the thing that you love

to do for the whole life. always the passion. In italy there's the passion for the family. with

the son with the whole important things for you. italy will have always a pieces of my heart

where the lakers can go ?

I don't know depends because we had many injured players during the season. they didn't played or only

20-5 games ,so we didn't played much games all togheter but now we are here and I hope that at the end of

season 'surprise some people' .

what or who miss the lakers to win a championship ?

the things that miss. we don't miss much. we are very near to be a team taht can win a championship

maybe a player there or here. but not much

scorer or assistman, how born the choice ?

it's only basketball. I think that when I play I watch only the things that happen during the game. I don't think to score

or to pass the ball. I'm only watching the defense and watch the things that they are doing and if they give me a shot

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I shot the ball or if there's an open player. I pass the ball. I don't begin/enter in a game thinking

about to score 50 or 65 points or have 13 assists I don't think that I go only to play the game and reading the defense.

did you have something to avoid bad luck?


I don't think that's a thing that I do. eh when I go to throw a free throw I do always that. I don't know why. I don't

know where it was began. I haven't idea but it's a thing that I need to do every free throw. I have to do at every free throw.

what's the best moment of your career ?

I think the first championship because the first championship it's always more special's the first time. because the first time

will have ever -. very special place in my memory

The relationship with phil jackson it's getting better than he wrote 'Last Season' ?

He did 180°are like it, we talk about all, if it's about the team. the game or also things outside the game. like life,family,son..

we talk about all

will you wear the shirt of the USA team at the Pechino olimpycs ?

Yes, absolutly. and it's a big honour for me to play for the USA team. it's a dream for me I would play also last season

but I couldn't play for my knee but this summer I hope to play and also for teh olympics. I'm ready

Which player did you vote for the MVP this season ?

It's difficult this year. every years it's always diffficult. maybe nowitzki bacause dalls had a special season beacuse they

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are winПing 62-63 games. it's historic..maybe nowitzki

value and fault of andrea bargnani ?

I like much andrea bargnani because when you have a player tall like him but can shoot from 3 it's more difficult defend on him

he's young he have to improve but I hear that he works hard. like playing basketball. and when you have this 2 things the future

is very bright for him.

who's the opponent that you much respect ?

there's a lot. because the NBA is special because every day you need to be ready because there's the better player of the world so

every team that we meet every night. I have much respect for them.

Who's the best player you ever seen ?

Well. directly I'd seen much players Jordan, Magic Johnson Larry Bird. on movie I'd seen Wirl Chamberlain Oscar Robertson

Jerry West Bill Russell. well for me the best are Jordan and Magic. (and kobe? ) Nooo I have many years. thans a lot but

Jordan and Magic are my idols

HI Sportitalia and Hi to all the italian fans

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