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Temperature Now! V5.0, the biggest thing ever to Temperature Now!

Unbelievable elegant and easy! Looking for the best app for temperature?

Sold in over 12,000+ locations and 160,000+ users around the world. One touch & done. The up-to-date temperature is on the icon(badge number) & update automatically ever after. It’s just that easy and it’s the most convenient way on the planet to get the temperature for thousands of cities around the world. Also, the new Alert Engine for Weather is up and runПing. It will send an alert message when the bad weather is coming.

* NO.1 paid weather app in Japan.

* NO.1 paid weather app in Taiwan.




— Push the up-to-date temperature at your current location (Both positive & minus degrees are supported, for example, -5 will be shown 1005 on the badge)

— Temperature is shown on the icon, get the temperature without a touch.

— High/Low temperature during the day is included.

— Current weather information is included.

— Forecast weather information is included.

— Alert Engine for Weather will send an alert message when the bad weather is coming.

— Share the current temperature by in-app email / twitter / facebook.

— Detect the current location by GPS.

— Support centigrade and Fahrenheit.

— Support Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese. (????, ????, ??)


Feedbacks from the users


***** One of the best

by Gozo(USA) — Version 3.1 — Sep, 2012

Easy to use and always spot on.

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***** Eigendlich ganz gut (Germany)

by _Snapper_ — Version 1.2 — Jan 16, 2012

also wie Gaming schon anmerkte war nen update ganz gut das auch die minustemperaturen als push angezeigt werden weil is denke mal die starken dieser app. Rest ist ganz ok und gibt nichts zu meckern ^^

***** It works (USA)

by Hcprice791 — Version 1.2 — Jan 6, 2012

It works, all you have to do is make sure it is on fahrenheit instead of celsius, or whichever way you want.

***** Works well, other users feedback is incorrect (USA)

by Freshapple 101 — Version 1.2 — Jan 6, 2012

By default, the app comes set to Celsius, which is why the temperature difference may have not been what they expected. I just clicked the Fahrenheit button and the correct temperature was shown.


System Updates


19-Jan-2013, Show minus degrees in a new format, for example, -5 will be shown 1005 on the badge.

01-Jul-2012, Updated the core function to get weather information, it’s faster, more stable and more accurate than ever.

01-May-2012, Major release V2.0, forecast weather information is included. Several bugs fixed.

18-Mar-2012, We’ve fixed a bug to update the temperature to your iOS device. Enjoy it.




All you have to do is to launch Temperature Now! for only one time, it will get the temperature at your current location, and then our cloud servers will push it to your iOS device. You don’t have to launch it ever after in the same city.

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Yes, the temperature is shown as a badge number on the icon, that’s why we love this feature so much.




Don’t worry, we use our cloud servers to get the temperature information and send it through push notification to your iOS device. It only gets the push notification from our cloud servers. Your battery is saved.


— Internet connection, 3G or Wi-Fi.

— Notification service on your device.


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