test london


I. Listen to the text and choose the correct option:

1) The name of the square comes from.

a) a famous battle  b) a name of the street  c) a famous politician

2) Horatio Nelson was.

I. Listen   to the text and answer the questions.

1). What do tourists want to see in London?

2). Is Big Ben a big Bell?

3). Can you hear the bell on the radio?

4). How often do you hear the bell?

II. Choose the suitable word.

1). There are so many  . to visit in London!

a) music  b) places  c) a museum  d) information

2). My native town was. four hundred years ago.

a) founded  b) written  c) needed  d) impressive

3). Can you see that. palace there?

a) bridge  b) interesting  c) front  d) beautiful

4). Where would you like to go.

a) one  b) first  c) the first  d) the one

5). Buckingham Palace is the place where British. live when they are in London

a) people  b) tourists  c) kings and queens  d) guards

III. Choose the suitable form of the verb.

1). They. not far from London.

a) are living    b) live    c) lives

2). I. a lot of pictures of Moscow last year.

a) am talking    b) took    c) will take

3). His elder brother. his job next month.

a) changed    b) changes   d) will change

4). Linda. the city of London a week ago.

a) will visit   b) is visiting    c)visited

5). The boys. a video in their room now.

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a) watch   b) are watching   c) will watch

IV. Choose the correct translation.

1). Моя сестра стала актрисой два года вспять.

a). My sister became an actress two years ago.

b). My sister will become an actress in two years.

2). Эта женщина учит меня британскому языку.

a). This young girl taught me English.

b). This young girl is teaching me English.

3). По понедельникам мы обычно ходим в школу.

capital. a) main city  b) native town  c) large city

weekend. a) rest   b) Saturday and Sunday  c) two days

legend:  a) poem  b) song  c)fairy- tale

to take place. a) to have  b) to happen  c) to take care


Big Ben is really a bell.  It is a very big bell. Big Ben has a very deep tone and you can hear it every hour. Also you can hear it on the radio. The deep boom of Big Ben sounds on the radio every hour too.

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