The fresh new van indicated Gerri’s seats in order to the woman new house

The fresh new van indicated Gerri’s seats in order to the woman new house

convey (kuhn VAY) vt. step 1. to create from place to several other; transport; dos. to behave as the a funnel otherwise typical to possess; step three. and then make recognized; cuatro. in order to transfer (property) from person to other • • • •

Kaj questioned Al to convey their condolences in order to Cindy. Lisa shown this lady displeasure in order to Michael having a scowl. This new deed shown identity on lot out of Sally so you can Harry. [-ed, -ing, -able adj.] [Syn. carry]

conviction* (kuhn VIK shin) letter. 1. this new finding that you’re accountable for a criminal activity; dos. the appearance or fact to be sure; step 3. a strong trust • New criminal’s belief try to possess shoplifting. • Jill told which have conviction from the woman and you can Jack’s tumble for the slope. • The s to own urban renewal having conviction. [Syn. confidence, opinion]

coop* (KOOP) n. 1. a tiny crate, pen, otherwise strengthening having remaining chicken; 2. anyplace away from confinement; (slang) a jail -vt. so you’re able to confine as with a coop (usually that have up) -vi. (slang) to sleep on the job; (slang) locate away, as away from a jail (as with travel the fresh coop) • • • •

A number of the birds have gotten outside of the coop. As she is rooted, Olivia decided she was in an effective coop. [-ed, -ing]

corroborate* (kur AHB ir AYT) vt. to back up new correctness regarding; to verify; to support; to strengthen • Willa corroborated Kim’s area at the time under consideration. • Another pro usually corroborate the fresh new authenticity of your Picasso lithograph. [-d, corroborating, corroborative adj., corroboratory adj.] [Syn. confirm]

cosmopolitan (KAHZ muh PAH li tn) adj. step one. representative away from an extensive part of the business; not local or provincial; dos. perhaps not bound by regional activities, enjoys, or dislikes; step three. embodying economic sophistication; fashionable; urbane • Max’s business journey have considering your a modern mind-set. • A taste getting Maryland crab desserts has already established a cosmopolitan perception, attracting sales from all around the country in order to packers with the Chesapeake Bay. • An average European financial support urban area dweller sometimes provides an effective a lot more cosmopolitan view of things than his or her compatriot farmer. sofa (KOWCH) vt. step one. to lower or lower, specifically to reduce (a great spear, lance, an such like.) so you can assault reputation; 2. to install specific otherwise specific terms otherwise sentences; share • The newest knight couched their lance when he prepared to go into the directories and you will join the joust. (There was a phrase you plan to use every single day!) • The newest general’s caution try couched within the rarely veiled dangers. • The fresh new poet’s pictures was basically couched for the flowery words. [-ed, -ing]

Night watchmen need to strike date clocks from time to time to ensure the managers learn it have not been cooping

fake (KOWN toer complement) adj. step one. simulation from things genuine so you can ; feigned -n. a copy built to purposely hack; forgery; -vt. 1. while making a replica out of (currency, photo, etcetera.) usually so you can deceive or defraud; dos. to pretend; feign • Brand new fake Van Gogh you purchased last night getting $40 is extremely well done however, not rare. • Counterfeit money in movement try a threat to everyone regarding the country- including the counterfeiter. • That fake is made so you can p. (Only trying place particular light inside.) • This is not smart to fake You.S. money. • That counterfeit most people are familiar with was alligator rips, delivered an individual pretends so you can cry. [-ed, -ing, counterfeiter letter.] [Syn. not true, artificial]

Support the puppies cooped up in your room so they really do not get towards mischief

courage (KUR ij) letter. the fresh feelings out-of confronting anything called difficult, mundane, or harmful, rather than running otherwise hiding from it; the standard of bravery; fearlessness; valor • Getting the bravery of your own beliefs function are daring sufficient to carry out exactly what that believes ‘s the best question. • Whenever facing a potential attack from the horrible pet, Willis new Pug shown great courage. [-ous adj., -ously adv., -ousness n.]

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