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It is with great pleasure that we provide a complete interior design service throughout Qatar and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). We have completed interior design projects in many international destinations throughout the world and with Qatar’s meteoric rise to international applause it is only appropriate we seek inspired new projects here.

Qatar is immersed in a fascinating history, brimming with archeological wonder and architectural brilliance. A trip to Qatar transports you on a journey through time, from its ancient origins to the modern, sensational place it is today. We are honoured to be part of the transition of one of the great, seven Emirates and are always excited to be welcomed by new clients. Let’s take this exciting journey together and make all those dreams a reality.

We offer a unique interior design service to Qatar which has brought us a wave of acclaim over previous years, firmly substantiating us as one of the world’s top interior designer companies. Our aim is to assist all our customers in achieving their goals and guiding them effortlessly through to the final, successful conclusion. Whether you’re looking for a fresh new look for your exclusive villa in Qatar, a fabulous theme for your new luxury house, a sumptuous style for your palace, the relaxation of a lush tropical villa, an impressive executive office, a comfortable board room, a new night club and fashionable bar, or the ‘wow’ factor for that 5 star hotel/resort. We can turn those hidden fantasies into a reality, creating a world where colour and style blend into each other leaving a feeling of immense pleasure and tranquility. Delight in your new world and indulge your senses with the magical charms of professional Qatar Interior Design.

Interior design is now an integral part of both residential and commercial properties in Qatar. It is an essential aspect of any major hotel chain in Qatar, or resort in Qatar, and vital to bring exciting new concepts to the market place; Long gone have the days when Qatar hotels could suffice with standard rooms and furniture; to compete on the international market it is vital each has there own special theme, which soon becomes part of their overall trademark. A trademark, which if created correctly will have their customers coming back time and time again.

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The right colour schemes to calm the mind, soft, tasteful furnishings to relax the body and enchanting sculptures to muse upon. These and many more unique concepts not only enrich your lifestyle but also put you on a new path of artistic discovery. You will welcome the new soothing effects of the right use of colour and wallow in the luxuriant nature of your dazzling new property. As a company in Qatar we are extremely pleased to be associated with some of the world’s best furnishers and excited to be able to introduce you to a whole new world of lifestyle living.

From Qatar to Costa Rica, Monaco to Moscow, Bangkok to Phuket, Paris to London, Shanghai to Berlin, Qatar to Beijing, Amsterdam to Mustique; our exciting team of professional, creative people have done it all. From high spec offices, corporate boardrooms, luxury apartments, exclusive villas, fashionable bars/restaurants, presidential villas, exotic tropical resorts and sumptuous 5 star hotels. Whatever your fancy, whatever your dreams, we can guide you on a journey into an imaginative world that holds few boundaries. A delight for the senses awaits and it is our goal to create that world for you.

Our policy is to constantly strive for higher levels of creative splendor and to continually bring inspired and exciting new concepts to each of our new clients in Qatar; rich in fashionable colours, beautiful designs and lush comfortable furnishings; whether you have ideas or not, it is of no matter as our seasoned professionals guide you through a wonderful realm of enchanting and inspirational suggestions; restricted only by their fervent imaginations and your specific desires. This truly is a chance to open the doors on a whole new world of interior design.

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Join the latest trend in property and lifestyle improvement by contacting Qatar Interior Design. You are only an e-mail away from breathing new life into your property and opeПing the doors to the world of inspiration.

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