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PonyIsland is a pet-sim pony game where you can train and breed ponies and visit different parts of the PonyIsland world. It involves a large, interactive community of players that buy, sell, and trade ponies, and moderated forums where players can chat. There are more than fifteen pony breeds to choose from and millions of color combinations so that you can find just the right pony pet. You can even have a whole herd. See the PI Breeds.

Islands — You’ll start with your very own island and your very first barn, which you can upgrade with special features and additional space as you bring home more and more ponies. You can own over a hundred ponies on your island and choose its different features. Will your island be sunny and bright? Or dark and gloomy? Will you have lots of snow? Lots of sand? Rocks? Jungles? Volcanos? Maybe you prefer the quiet of space on your very own space island?


TraiПing — You can train your pony in your Arena and participate in contests held by other players. Contest types include Racing, Hide and Seek, Marathons, Beauty Pageants, Air Ballet for flying ponies, and Diving for water ponies. Participation in contests gives your pony experience points, which helps to raise its levels. Levels will increase a pony’s Intelligence, Strength, Agility, and Charisma, which makes him a better competitor. Ponies with high levels can sometimes produce foals with high levels and contesting can also award you with prize money and fame.

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Starter Pony — when you join PonyIsland, you’ll be asked to make your very first pony in the Pony Generator. This extra special area of the game allows you to choose some details of your pony and generate your pony’s profile. Ponies created in this way are called starter ponies, which are used to develop new breeding lines of ponies. Many players think their first starter pony is extra special because it was their first.

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