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UNESCO World Heritage — Hungary

Visit the unique places of interest and the natural resources of Hungary, get to know our country from a different point of view

Day 1: Meeting with our tour guide in Gyor, followed by a trip to Pannonhalma and a guided tour of the thousand-year-old Benedictine monastery, which contains one of the biggest monastery-libraries in Europe as well as Hungary’s oldest remaiПing written document. Arrival to the hotel in Budapest, dinner.

Day 2: During this day we get to know the Hungarian capital, Budapest. The city is often called the “Pearl of the Danube”. You can visit all the famous landmarks of the city, first of all the Castle District and the Danube embankment with its bridges, then you’ll be taken to Andrassy Street all the way up to Heroes Square. This street along with its traditional villas became part of UNESCO’s world heritage in 2002. In the eveПing, we invite you to a typical Hungarian dinner (Langos-party) in Szentendre.

Day 3: Trip to Holloko. where you’ll be welcomed by women in traditional Hungarian dresses. Brandy and typical Hungarian pastries will be on offer. You get the chance for close contact with the old-time atmosphere of a Hungarian village, for example, to the world of the spinПing and weaving. You will be able to recognize the traditional dances and costumes and the hands-on experience includes a lesson in Hungarian folk dancing. A local tour guide will narrate the history of the village and will take around the old village, the museums and the traditional workshops. For lunch, we will break up into smaller groups and be the guests of local families, who will treat you to a satisfying home-made meal. Trip to Eger for a night’s stay in a hotel. The eveПing is for free programs.

Day 4: Sightseeing walk in Eger, Hungary’s oldest baroque city. This program is followed by our trip to the famous Hungarian Puszta, Hortobagy. During a 90-minute ride in a horse-drawn carriage, you will see some of the typical animals of the Puszta, like the herd of horses descended from 300-year-old breeds, Hungary’s famous grey cattle, long-haired sheep and the Pulis, the Hungarian sheepdogs. There’s a horse-show in the program, too! You can’t miss the towering pole wells nor the “Kilenclyuku hid,” the “bridge with nine holes,” the Puszta-museum, the blacksmith and the pottery-maker. Return to the hotel, dinner in Szepasszonyvolgy (The Valley of Beautiful Women) with wine-tasting and wine-selection.

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Day 5: Trip to Aggtelek, near the border with Slovakia. Here — beneath the surface — can be found Europe’s largest stalactite cave systems, which was included on the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites in 1995. During the one-hour walk (1 km), you can admire not only the sights and interesting forms created by nature but also enjoy a 5-minute concert in one of the cave’s halls. After visiting the caves, we leave for Miskolc and Miskolctapolca, home to a unique cave bath with a special climate, especially good for treating respiratory illnesses. You can have a bath before dinner in the hotel.

Day 6: return home

Included in price:

  • 1 night in Budapest
  • 4 nights in Eger
  • Visit to Pannonhalma with tour-guide
  • 1 dinner in a hotel in Budapest
  • 1 Langos-party with brandy and wine
  • Visit to Holloko with program and lunch (see above)
  • Visit to Hortobagy with horse-show and carriage ride
  • Dinner with wine-tasting and wine-selection in Szepasszonyvolgy
  • Visit to Aggtelek with tour-guide
  • Dinner in Hotel in Eger

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